Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who have shared their CoCoRaHS experiences.

“While we have an established rain monitoring network that provides real-time data, CoCoRaHS has contributed a valuable supplemental data set.”

“CoCoRaHS has helped to improve our monitoring coverage, which will become increasingly significant as the network grows.  We use CoCoRaHS data to aid in tracking the pathway and variability of storm events across the watershed and for quality assurance
of our automated rain gauge network.”

Jeff Winzenreid,
Water Resources Technician, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

“CoCoRaHS volunteer weather observers play an important role in our communities by providing us with a better understanding of localized precipitation. Watershed residents in our district use the website because they like to see how much water is coming their way. We use the data at the Seine-Rat River Conservation District to monitor precipitation amounts and model surface water flows in our watershed."

"CoCoRaHS is an important grassroots network that increases capacity for communities, local government, and organizations like us to implement sustainable surface water management strategies.”

Jodi Goerzen,
District Manager, Seine-Rat River Conservation District

“The CoCoRaHS program allows city planners and meteorologists observe the effects of urban landscape and unique microclimate in an expansive area like Toronto.”

“The CoCoRaHS program with its standardized gauges and measurement practices develops a group of engaged and dedicated citizens who share the same vision of providing local, accurate and timely precipitation data to the public.”

Kristoffer Laser,
Volunteer in Toronto, ON 

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