A great benefit of CoCoRaHS is that it provides real science activities for the classroom. Over the last several years, CoCoRaHS staff have worked with science teachers to develop a series of lesson plans and activities.  These lesson plans are developed for a variety of grade levels and are built around CoCoRaHS's emphasis on measuring precipitation. Below, we also have a short list of teacher-recommended educational resources on meteorology.

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Teachers!  Your class can participate in real hands-on science!  Learn how the National Weather Service measures precipitation and how you and your class can help!  Lesson plans that meet National Science Education Standards are available on the 'For Teachers' link found on this page.

4-H Lesson Plans:

Here are some lesson plans and activities that can be used in the classroom to teach children about the science of studying weather.

Educational Links and Other Resources:

The History of Measuring Precipitation


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