50 States' Climates


The CoCoRaHS State Climates Page

Welcome to the "CoCoRaHS State Climates" series page.  This series ran as part of the CoCoRaHS Message of the Day during 2011.

In putting together our series, we asked climatologists from each of the country's 50 states to write an informational short narrative summarizing their state's climate along with links to further resources.  Some are short, some are long, some have catchy titles.  The page below will give you a handy way of looking at each state's narrative as well as their climate summaries


NOAA's Regional Climate Centers
(click a link below to visit a regional climate center's website)

Western Regional Climate Center
   --  Summary Narrative

High Plains Regional Climate Center   --  Summary Narrative

Southern Regional Climate Center   --  Summary Narrative

Midwestern Regional Climate Center   --  Summary Narrative

Southeast Regional Climate Center   --  Summary Narrative

Northeast Regional Climate Center   --  Summary Narrative

Climates of our 50 States

Click on a state's name to view their climate center website.  You may view a .pdf of each state's climate narrative by clicking on the narrative title to the right of the state's name.

Alabama  -- Alabama's Climate - It's the Humidity! -- Map

Alaska  -- Alaska‚ So Much Variability and So Few Observers -- Map

Arizona   --  A State of Mild Temperatures as well as Extremes -- Map

Arkansas -- Arkansas Razorback Report -- Map

California  --  California - A Little Bit of Everything-- Map

Colorado -- Climate -- Rocky Mountain High -- Map

Connecticut -- An Overview of Climate in Connecticut -- Map

Delaware -- A First Look at the Climate of the First State -- Map

Florida --  The "Liquid" Sunshine State -- Map

Georgia --  Georgia's Climate is Peachy! -- Map

Hawaii  --  Hawaii's Climate -- Map

Idaho   --  Idaho Contrasts from Mountains to Plains -- Map

Illinois -- Precipitation in the Land of Lincoln -- Map

Indiana -- Indiana: "Don't like the weather?  Just wait a few minutes and it will change" -- Map

Iowa -- The Precipitation Climatology of Iowa -- Map

Kansas -- The Climate of Kansas -- Map

Kentucky -- Highlighting the Climate of Kentucky: What You Expect Is Not Always What You Get! -- Map

Louisiana -- Louisiana – the Wettest State in the Contiguous United States! -- Map

Maine -- Maine's moist climate: Strongly variable seasonal temperatures with even precipitation -- Map

Maryland -- Climate of Maryland: "Between Appalachian Mountains and Atlantic Ocean" -- Map

Massachusetts -- Climate of Massachusetts -- Map

Michigan -- Michigan Precipitation and Great Lakes Proximity -- Map

Minnesota -- You can expect just about any kind of weather nature has to offer except for hurricanes -- Map

Mississippi -- Mississippi's "Feast or Famine" Climatic Characteristic -- Map

Missouri -- Show-Me the Climate of Missouri: Precipitation -- Map

Montana  -- Big Sky Country and the Last, Best Place -- Map

Nebraska -- Home of the Whopper -- Map

Nevada -- Nevada's Extremes Reign Supreme -- Map

New Hampshire -- Is weather in New Hampshire really that bad? -- Map

New Jersey  --  A Jersey Sampler -- Map

New Mexico  --  Would you like it Red or Green? -- Map

New York  --  I Love NY's Climate Zones! -- Map

North Carolina  --  You Name It - We Got It! -- Map

North Dakota -- Land of Climatic Extremes -- Map

Ohio -- Ohio's New Era of Climate Extremes -- Map

Oklahoma -- Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain -- Map

Oregon -- The Two Faces of Oregon -- Map

Pennsylvania -- Pennsylvania: Where It Can Rain on Everyone's Parade -- Map

Rhode Island-- Climate of Rhode Island -- Map

South Carolina -- Low Country, Upstate and a Log of Weather in Between - South Carolina's Climate -- Map

South Dakota -- The Land of Infinite Variety -- Map

Tennessee-- Tennessee – A Tale of Three Climates -- Map

Texas -- When It Rains, We Pour! -- Map

Utah -- Cathedral Peaks, Monument Valleys, Ancient Lakes and the Greatest Snow on Earth -- Map

Vermont -- Oh, the Maple Sweetness of Vermont's Climate -- Map

Virginia -- Virginia's Climate -- Map

Washington -- Home of the Legendary "Rain City" -- Map

West Virginia -- West Virginia's "Wild and Wonderful" Climate -- Map

Wisconsin -- A Land of Four Seasons -- Map

Wyoming -- "Wicked Wind, Raging Blizzards and Bitter Cold—and That's Just Summer in Wyoming" -- Map

There are numerous climate resources available to help you to better understand the climate of where you live.  Below are some that will be very helpful:

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)

The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)