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Weather Websites for Educators        



This site has several sections. First the definition of rain, to formation of droplets, measurement, distribution and even how rainfall has been portrayed in different religions from flood to droughts. (Grades 5-8)


Hail Formation, The Weather Doctor


If nothing else, for the photography! It is an excellent site for snowflakes, and how they form. It has “Snowflake Physics”, “Snowflake Activities” and more. (Grades 6-10)


JetStream, National Weather Service Online Weather School
This site is super for the educator! It is from the NWS. What more can you ask for? (Grades 6-12)

This site was founded by an excellent meteorologist who worked for the National Hurricane Center, and later as a forecaster for the NWS in Fort Worth, TX.  This site contains some great weather resources as well as several educational articles and safety tips.

Who knew weather could be so fun?  The NOAA/NASA SciJinks website, designed for middle-school students, has exciting and accessible content, games and multimedia.

NASA's Climate Kids
NASA's Climate Kids website, targeting grades 4-6, de-mystifies global climate change science using simple illustrations, humor, interactivity, and age-appropriate language.

The Weather Doctor

American Meteorological Society DataStreme

If you (the teacher) have not taken the DataStreme course, it is well worth your time! Maps, activities, guides, daily weather summary and historical weather, you name it, it is here. Current maps are designed for the educator to use as overlays or transparencies. They are the leaders in weather education.



Atmospheric Optics


This site is awesome!  Check out their Optics Pic of the Day!


A Lightning Primer, Global Hydrology Resource Center

This site is GREAT! It site shows the history of lightning research, tells the different types of lightning, how it forms, lightning and aircraft, plus lightning safety and much more!