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...Welcome to the Bluegrass CoCoRaHS Web Page...

...Kentucky Needs You!...

Kudos to Kentucky... over 220 active observers !

CoCoRaHS training sessions and NWS Storm Spotter Training are scheduled as follows:

Western KY
Central KY
Eastern KY
Northern KY

NWS Spotter Training

CocoRaHS-Kentucky observers provide a great volunteer service to the community, the county and the state by providing information on precipitation, snowfall, and snow depths. The information is used by government and university scientists, community officials, farmers, county emergency managers, watershed managers, drought monitors, and by your friends and neighbors.

Each observer will need:

  • Enthusiasm and desire to watch the weather.
  • Willingness and dedication to take regular daily precipitation measurements, preferably between 6-9 AM.
  • Participate in a group or online training session.
  • A manual 4-inch rain gauge, available through a preferred online CoCoRaHS vendor
  • Computer with internet access or mobile app.
  • Snow board.
  • Snow ruler and "snow swatter".

Training Sessions

Training is required for all observers.  You may attend a "live" training session and/or use the online training animations found on the CoCoRaHS home page.  Live training sessions are open to the public.  RSVPs are requested, but not required in most cases.

If you're interested in a live training in your neck of the woods, please email and let us know of your interest and where you are located.  Unfortunately, we can't gaurantee we can travel to every locale, but we will try our best.

Who Can Join

We encourage anyone who has an interest in the weather, a desire to learn more about weather and climate, and enthusiasm to report daily rain, hail and snow observations to join CoCoRaHS. We pride ourselves with having trained observers, either through the online session or by attending a group training.

Select the link on the left to Join CoCoRaHS, and enter your information on your location and your contact preferences. As soon as you have a username and password, you many enter observations, almost immediately!