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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 4/19/2024.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-204Brighton 1.9 NNW 0.06 Light snow is falling at the time of observation, melting with not measurable.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-271Parker 4.8 NE 0.07 rain/snow   View 
4/19/2024 CO-JF-504Arvada 3.6 WSW 0.12 morning: .05 drizzle and snow; drizzle: .01 afternoon and .02 evening; overnight snow: .04 melted on ground surfaces.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 0.06 Much colder day yesterday with light snow in the morning, tapering off to very light flurries for the afternoon. Light snow picked up mid evening lasting much of the overnight hours. Drizzle and cold this morning. High yesterday 36°, low 32°. Currently light drizzle and 33°.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-MR-81Hillrose 2.5 SSW T 35°F overnight low temperature. 43°F yesterday high temperature.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-JF-331Golden 12.5 NW 0.14 21F fog, flurries, calm. Heavy rime. Gauge likely has some freezing rain that core does not.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AR-292Englewood 1.4 N 0.02 Witnessed snow within 1 mile of location but absolutely no evidence of snow on location.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.03 37 degrees, overcast with light wind. High today to be in mid 50s. Yesterday we had rain, sleet, snow and mist for most of the day but not enough of any of those to accumulate on deck or ground. Pavement slightly damp.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-MT-64Montrose 4.5 SSE 0.00 Another pleasant spring day. Mild temp, some afternoon breezes. 49 this AM, partly cloudy   View 
4/19/2024 CO-WE-606Milliken 1.0 ENE 0.06 24 hr MAX/MIN 37/33; 3SM -DZ BR BKN005 OVC010 (STFRA) 8/7// RMK ONCL DZ; Snow showers mid morning to mid afternoon. Drizzle overnight.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-350Castle Rock 2.6 SE 0.12 A fine mist for the first half of the day turned into snow for the second half of the day. Snow board accumulation is the 24-Hr Snowfall measurement that was measured 7:28PM after the snow stopped. Gauge was frozen at time of reading.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E 0.05 yesterday's high 42 F (5C), AM snow/rain showers, barey visible snow flurries again later in evening w/o accumulation. overnight low 35.6F (2C), very light breeze, low overcast w/low visibility (Rockies completely obscured!), cold misting drizzle, 0.05" in gauge, RH 85%. Typical April weather!!   View 
4/19/2024 CO-OR-2Ouray .23 NNW 0.00 M. Cloudy   View 
4/19/2024 CO-LR-1234Fort Collins 1.2 SE 0.07 Light rain, sometimes mixed with snow, fell from time to time during the last 24 hours. At obs time: Very light rain from a low overcast. Snowboard is just wet. Trace of new snow on grass and rooftops. Air temperature approx 34F.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.08 Thi 37 @ 12:03. ……. @ Obs: 32, rain / snow mix continues. // Multiple snow showers throughout the day.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-153Westminster 1.6 NE 0.12 Rain snow mix during the day not sticking Snow over night that only stuck to grassy areas   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-170Aurora 4.5 NW 0.05 rain, drizzle, and snow   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-241Thornton 7.3 N 0.05 rain/snow mix   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AD-273Northglenn 1.6 WSW 0.18 8:00am - start drizzle with trace snow 8:00pm - 0.04" gauge 12:00am - 7:00am - rain/snow mix   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AR-262Aurora 2.1 W 0.10 A day worthy of the Pacific Northwest: precipitation on & off all day including drizzle, real rain, rain mixed with snow. Drizzling at 4:15AM today. 34 F & drizzle so light at 7AM today that it feels like the sky is oozing.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AR-266Aurora 4.5 SE 0.16 Snowing yesterday and most of it has melted   View 
4/19/2024 CO-AR-381Bennett 10.8 SSW 0.09 Heavy (~0.4") clear ice coating on the north side of surfaces from drizzle accumulation. Temperatures stayed at or below 32F for the reporting period.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-2Broomfield 1.2 NE 0.10 Freezing drizzle morning of the 18th. Light glaze - just about 0.03 hundredths worth. Heavy, wet snow overnight.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW 0.11 L-S- most of morning with no accum, S-- 1330 E1430 .05". Brief L-S-- late aftn. L- after midnight, then S- for about 3h, mo end by 05L. At 33-34F, accum only on cold surfaces 0.2"/.06". 37F/32F/35F   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E 0.22 25º; calm; overcast; fog; snow falling.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.25 A chilly day with a high of only 34. Off and on S-- and drizzle in the morning increased around noon for a while and dropped 0.1" of snow that mostly melted within an hour. Then off and on drizzle, snow grains, some rain into the evening before changing over to snow overnight with another 0.4", which mostly melted by 0700 on the ground but still on exposed surfaces. Precip totals 0.06" 0700-noon, another 0.05" noon-1700, 0.14" after 1700. Cloudy at 0700 and 33.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-72Boulder 1.3 NW 0.32 I actually measured the snow on the car this morning since it's a more accurate measure of the amount of snow that fell.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE 0.16 Snowing off and on all day yesterday and in the night, with only brief accumulation, even on the snow board. The tops of cars and similar places have .1 to .2 inches on them. The temperature was 32 to 35 degrees all 24 hours, about 33 degrees all night.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.16 Temperature range: 34-40 Off and on drizzle all day ending at 3 pm. Rained again during the night.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-342Louisville 1.2 NNW 0.18 snow on deck and grassy area.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-435Longmont 3.0 SW 0.14 Yesterday felt like a raw, cold winter day. High in 30s, rain, sleet and snow showers. 333 degrees this morning with high of 50, perhaps some rain and then chance of snow tomorrow. Moisture welcome but happy to see spring return early next week.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-437Boulder 2.1 W 0.25 Light rain mixed with snow during the day. Currently 33°F.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-468Louisville 1.6 NNE 0.16 Very wet snow which didnt stick to the grass, only the rooftops.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-476Boulder 2.9 ESE 0.19 mostly rain and a bit of snow   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-496Boulder 1.5 NNW 0.03 light rain mixed with snow currently falling at 7:00.a.m. snow melted through the day yesterday.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-596Boulder 1.9 SE 0.41 31F. Overcast. Very lightly snowing. Trace of snow over about 75% of the ground.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BO-599Lafayette 0.7 WSW 0.11 Wintery mix   View 
4/19/2024 CO-BR-54Broomfield 2.4 ESE 0.12 Periods of drizzle & snow all day yesterday, with a little slush accumulated this morning.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-CF-53Buena Vista 0.6 WNW 0.00 Socked in sky this morning. 31 degrees, 84% humidity, barometer falling from 22.40 inHg, slight wind.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-CC-2Evergreen 5 W 0.01 Mist and freezing drizzle intermittently for the past 24 hours. A few flakes now and again.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.06 Misting most of yesterday. Still misting today with no wind. Tube was not covered with ice today. There were a few brief snow flakes seen yesterday.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-218The Pinery 1.2 ESE 0.06 32 degrees at report time low clouds   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-292Parker 3.5 WNW 0.09 constant, light precipitation all day Thursday (rain/snow)   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-347Castle Rock 0.8 N 0.09 Mix of freezing drizzle, snow, and rain most of the day yesterday. Some ice on the gauge this morning but no snow accumulation.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-354Castlewood Canyon 2.2 NW 0.14 Had a light dusting of snow after some rain.,had to melt frozen snow from the cone.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-DG-361Highlands Ranch 3.2 SW 0.04 Cloudy and gray day. Grass and sidewalks are wet.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.03 A few flakes of snow fell early yesterday morning about 8 am but then quit. The precipitation later in the day fell as rain. The measurable rain fell during the night or early this morning. Our high temperature yesterday was about 50 degrees and our current temperature is 36 degrees with a cloudy sky.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.06 Light rain/light snow/mist mix began mid-morning, lasting until early afternoon. Much cooler. Overcast again this morning, calm, and 33 degrees.   View 
4/19/2024 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE T Temp - 35°F Solar - Unkn 10 - 752 kWh 11 - 2876 kWh   View 
4/19/2024 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S T Late morning light rain and drizzle.   View 
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