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12/9/2022  CO-JF-484 COJefferson Mildly Dry Drifting toward moderately dry, but still some snow on the ground on north-facing slopes and shaded areas with seasonal temps. Winds have been off and on but nothing unusual for this time of year. We're on a very similar trajectory as the '20-'21 water year so far, which had us below normal until the big two-foot storm in mid March. We're currently at 68% of normal for precipitation, 94% of normal for snowfall. Although nothing over the past week, the last 30 days have been slightly better than water year: at 81% of normal for precipitation and 97% for snowfall.  View
12/9/2022  CO-WA-67 COWashington Severely Dry Agriculture
We have not had a good rain since planting wheat in September. I believe Sept. 23rd is our last small rain. The dirt and tumbleweeds have been blowing which starts the wheat fields to blowing.  View
12/9/2022  MD-BL-25 MDBaltimore Moderately Wet Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
things have not changed much the ground is still very wet but not muddy.  View
12/9/2022  MO-CP-7 MOCooper Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
The ground is moist and easily diggable...found that out yesterday when we had to bury one of our dogs who passed away. It hasn't been super cold this week, but it feels like early Winter. Not much going on this week that I have noticed. Birds are enjoying the feeders, and it seems critters are more on the move overall. It has been cloudy quite a bit this week, but the full moon must be having an effect despite the cloud cover.  View
12/9/2022  NJ-MC-9 NJMercer Mildly Wet General Awareness
Every few days we are having rain. This last week we had over an inch of rain. The result is that there is standing water in fields and wetlands. The streams and canals are running high but not near flooding. That is the same for the Delaware river. Temperatures have been in the 50s so that lawns are till growing and are very green.  View
12/9/2022  NY-WY-11 NYWyoming Near Normal Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
Cloudy and cold. The high temperature was around thirty six degrees, and the low around twenty six degrees Fahrenheit. Songbirds are eating consistently. Intermittent streams are flowing at fall levels. Large flocks of Canadian Geese are still present. Hay fields are still mostly green.  View
12/9/2022  NC-BC-1 NCBuncombe Near Normal General Awareness
A wet week with over an inch of rain with some rain most days.  View
12/9/2022  NC-WK-203 NCWake Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Rainfall for the week was 0.58 inches. Soil moisture conditions remained little changed from last week. Though below normal, flow rates are holding fairly steady.  View
12/9/2022  OH-HM-24 OHHamilton Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Society & Public Health
O.65 inches of rain in the past 7 days is fairly normal for December but 3 month average is still below normal. Soil profile is still not moistened. One local nursery would not dig evergreens until this week due to lack of soil moisture. Creeks and streams remain low. Very low drying rates due to winter conditions, cloud cover, drizzle and fog.  View
12/9/2022  RI-NW-18 RINewport Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
With 1.8” of rain this month conditions are back to normal. Just about all the leaves are down. Winter lawn weeds are growing rapidly.  View
12/9/2022  SC-BF-50 SCBeaufort Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
0.09" of rain fell during the past week. This was very light rain in the middle of the period. Temps have been about seasonal average with high humidity. Some plants continue to grow. Geraniums, begonias and impatiens look particularly good. Plenty of activity at the bird feeders.  View
12/9/2022  TN-HL-23 TNHamilton Mildly Wet The rains have returned in earnest over the past 10 days or so pulling us out the drought status. Hints of el Nino?  View
12/9/2022  CAN-QC-69 CANQuebec Moderately Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Two days of rain and above-freezing temperatures on top of existing wet conditions has left streams and springs flowing at spring-thaw rates and most soil close to saturated. Hard freeze is setting in now and if it holds we'll be vulnerable to spring flooding.  View
Showing 13 Records.