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Oklahoma was the twelfth state to join the CoCoRaHS Network. Once you join, your precipitation observations will start showing up on the daily maps. Your reports provide a great service to your community by allowing your friends, neighbors, scientists, and others to see how daily precipitation covers the state.
Getting Started
  1. Register Your Location
  2. Purchase Stratus RG202 Rain Gauge -- inches (buy online)
  3. Watch training video or training slideshows
  4. Enter your reports

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oklahomacocorahs

Missed Observations PDF
Not home to take your observations? Whether you take a vacation, oversleep, or just didn't want to risk being struck by lightning, we do not expect observers to take their readings every day of the year for the rest of their lives! However, we can take steps to keep the precipitation record as accurate as possible by listing the time span that a report covers. Multi-day precipitation reports allow observers to enter the amount measured over two or more days.
  1. Visit www.cocorahs.org 
  2. Click "My Data" (top right section of page)
  3. Click "Multi-DayAccumulation" (left side of page)
  4. First Date: first missed day
  5. Second Date: date you took observation
  6. Fill out remaining details.
  7. Click "Submit".
For example, I will be traveling to my parent's house for Thanksgiving and will not be around to read my gauge and I do not have a reliable neighbor or friend to take the readings for me. I took my reading Tuesday morning, November 19, and entered my data as usual. I returned from my trip Sunday night and took my reading Monday morning (November 25). In this case, I would enter 11/20/2019 as my first date first day that I missed, and 11/25/2019 as my end date (date I took observation).
For more information on CoCoRaHS in Oklahoma, please contact our Oklahoma Coordinator:

Monica Mattox
Oklahoma Climate Survey
120 David L. Boren Blvd., Suite 2900
Norman, OK 73072-7305
Phone: 405-310-9137
e-mail: cocorahs@mesonet.org