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We are in the heart of summer, and for the past several years that has meant quiet, dry weather.  This year has been much more active with showers and thunderstorms across Oregon. You volunteers are crucial for getting rainfall observations in those areas right under thunderstorms where the NWS and other organizations don't have permanent rain gauges.  But, as a reminder, even if the weather is quiet and there is no rain, MAKE SURE TO ENTER ZERO FOR RAINFALL.  That's very important for a complete station data set.  If you leave it blank, we cannot assume that no rain fell that day.  

Thank you all again for all you do.

How do I join:
It's easy to sign-up to become an observer - click on Join CoCoRaHS and complete the on-line application form. Once you sign up, you will receive a login and password. After you have a rain gauge and begin making observations, you can log in and report them. Your precipitation observations will start showing up daily on our county maps.

What do I need:
Besides a desire to observe and record the weather, the only thing you will need is a standard 4" rain gauge.  We strongly encourage you to purchase one of these 4" rain gauges. This will ensure that the data collected by CoCoRaHS observers is not only consistent throughout Oregon, but between Oregon and the other states that participate in the program! The rain gauge will cost you about $33, plus shipping, and may be purchased at various vendors

NOTE:Several people have asked about the possibility of buying the rain gauge from a local vendor. Unfortunately, after several hours of checking, there are no such local vendors.


Unfortunately at this time we can't do live training sessions.  We do however recommend going through training slides found here

Here are some training videos you can watch, too:

State Climate Office:

Oregon Climate Service, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Regional NWS Offices:

Portland, OR

Medford, OR

Pendleton, OR

Boise, ID