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View the latest Northern New England "Wx Watcher" CoCoRaHS Newsletter: Spring 2021

CoCoRaHS Maine kicked off in the Pine State on August 1, 2009.  Help us measure precipitation from Kittery Point to Aroostook County as we learn about this wonderful resource that falls from the sky. 

Join CoCoRaHS.

If you wish to notify the National Weather Service of severe weather in your area please file a severe weather report online at NWS Severe Weather Report.

What Do I Need?

Each observer will need:

  • Enthusiasm and desire to watch the weather.
  • Willingness and dedication to take regular daily precipitation measurements, preferably between 6-9 AM.
  • To participate in an online or group training session.
  • A manual 4-inch rain gauge, available at reasonable cost through a preferred online CoCoRaHS vendor.
  • Computer with internet access or the CoCoRaHS App.
  • Snow board or flat non-grassy surface in an open area.
  • Yard stick or ruler.

How to Join?

  • Click to go to the CoCoRaHS Application Form.
  • You will receive a welcome e-mail with your CoCoRaHS ID and instructions.
  • As soon as you have a user name, password, a rain gauge and complete your online training, then you are ready to enter observations.

Training Sessions

Training is required for all observers.  Initially, the best method for training will be to go through the online training presentations and videos.  We will occasionally have in person or online webinar training sessions in our area and will be listed below when scheduled.

Main training slide show

CoCoRaHS Maine Contact Information:

Maine State Coordinators
Nikki Becker        
National Weather Service-Gray

James Sinko
National Weather Service - Caribou

Western Maine                                              Eastern Maine  
Nikki Becker, Sarah Jamison, Jon Palmer         James Sinko    
National Weather Service-Gray                       National Weather Service-Caribou                            

CoCoRaHS Maine Partners

Thanks to all our CoCoRaHS Partners in Maine: