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Check out the CoCoRaHS Daily Summary for Montana:

Thinking about becoming a volunteer?
Have you heard of CoCoRaHS but are not sure how to become involved? Or are you a new observer looking for online training? To get started, visit the FAQ/Help section under the Resources heading for general information, frequently asked questions and volunteer training instructions. For more specific questions, contact your regional or state coordinator.

Upcoming CoCoRaHS Training Sessions:

Some offices are offering to do the training online, saving you fuel costs, and time driving.  You only need a computer hi-speed internet preferable and a phone that you can use to dial into a free teleconference call. See the "news" section of the website of the NWS office offering the training in order to register for the training.

Billings -
Glasgow -
Great Falls -
Missoula -

We currently have no training sessions scheduled, but if you would like training, or have questions, please contact your local coordinator.