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Upcoming Training
Currently there are no CoCoRaHS training sessions scheduled. Please check back later or contact You can always view the training animations on-line at any time.

Here is a list of SKYWARN training pages. Pre-registration is required.
NWS Albany:
NWS Buffalo:
NWS Binghamton:
NWS New York:
NWS Burlington:

Welcome to New York CoCoRaHS! 
From Buffalo to "The Big Apple", Plattsburgh to Binghamton, and all the other great towns and cities in between, the Empire State is proud to be a part of the growing CoCoRaHS network! New York observers are partnered in a national network which provides a great volunteer service to the community, the county and the state by providing information on precipitation, snowfall, and snow depths. The information is used by government and university scientists, community officials, farmers, county emergency managers, watershed managers, drought monitors, and by your friends and neighbors.

Who Can Join? We encourage anyone who has an interest in the weather, a desire to learn more about weather and climate, and enthusiasm to report daily rain and snow observations to join CoCoRaHS. We pride ourselves with having trained observers, either through the online sessions or by attending group training. To learn more, or to ask a question, contact a NY state or regional coordinator.

What Do I Need? Each observer will need:

  • Enthusiasm and desire to watch the weather.
  • Willingness and dedication to take regular daily precipitation measurements, preferably between 6-9 AM.
  • To participate in an online or group training session.
  • A manual 4-inch rain gauge, available at reasonable cost through a preferred online CoCoRaHS vendor.
  • Computer with internet access or a mobile device with the CoCoRaHS App.
  • Snow board or flat non-grassy surface in an open area.
  • Yard stick or ruler.

Want To Join, Now What Do I Do? Contact a regional coordinator, or select the application link and enter your information about your location and your contact preferences. You will receive a welcome e-mail with your new CoCoRaHS ID and instructions. As soon as you have a username, password, and a rain gauge, you many enter observations immediately!

How to Join: Click to go to the CoCoRaHS Application Form. Find Your Local County Coordinator here.

Training Sessions: Training is required for all observers. Initially, the best method for training will be to look through the online training presentations and videos. We will occasionally have group training sessions in your area and these will be listed at the top of the page.
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All about Snow «Read More»
The Snow Video «Watch»
Training Animation Videos: <<Watch>>

New York CoCoRaHS Partners
Thanks to all of our CoCoRaHS partners in New York!
4H Youth Development
Museum of The Earth
National Weather Service
New York State and Northeast Regional Climate Office