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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: CO-LP-122
Station Name: Durango 0.9 ESE
Report Date: 7/3/2022
Submitted: 7/03/2022 9:26 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Wet
The monsoon-ish pattern of the last few weeks has brought continued, intermittent moisture to the region. I have measured 0.7 inches over the last seven days, which is significantly more than I am used to seeing. The soil in my yard and adjacent green space remained moist due to cloudy days and lower daily temperatures. Grass and clover in the yard are flourishing; mushrooms have actually sprouted up in the yard!  Wild grasses in the green space are tall and green and junipers and pinons seem rejuvenated with the moisture. Our swamp cooler as run less than usual, with indoor temperatures staying under 78°F for a few days this week. The Animas River flow was on a steady decline after the peak of 06.27.22 as I would expect, given the precipitation in the region. It is signifcantly below median flow for this time of year. (I follow the USGS water data site)  Fire restrictions have been lowered to Stage 1 in LaPlata County and San Juan National Forest. Overall, local conditions are wetter than I have see in a long time, although I would characterize them only as mildly wet in the context of the last few months.
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