South Dakota


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Welcome to the South Dakota CoCoRaHS Page

Who can join?

Anyone! The more people in the CoCoRaHS network the better! We are looking for accurate and consistent observations, however. Summertime rain showers and thunderstorms produce highly variable precipitation amounts and forecasters, emergency management officials, water resource planners, and many others use your CoCoRaHS data on a daily basis. Even if you received no precipitation, we want to know. Sometimes reports of zero precipitation are as important as when precipitation occurs.

How do I join?
To become an observer, click on "Join CoCoRaHS" and complete the on-line application form or contact your regional coordinator. You will receive an e-mail with your CoCoRaHS ID and instructions. As soon as you have a username, password and a rain gauge, you many enter observations immediately!

What will I need?
You will need to purchase a standard 4-inch rain gauge to measure your precipitation. For the quality of the data to be consistent everyone must have the same rain gauge.

You can purchase a rain gauge from various vendors here.

Is there training available?
Online training can be found at the following links:

For a Power Point Presentation

For video presentations or short training animations on YouTube

Who is my regional coordinator?

he following are the state and regional coordinators respectively:

State Coordinator
Laura Edwards []

Western Regional Coordinator
Melissa Smith []

Northeastern Regional Coordinator
Jon Chamberlain []
Scott Doering []

Southeastern Regional Coordinators
Andrew Kalin []

What else can I do?
If you note any unusual or extreme weather, feel free to mention the event in the remarks section of your daily observation. The National Weather Service offices always appreciate your reports of strong winds, hail, or tornados. The National Weather Service also appreciates your reports during or shortly after the event via a phone call to 605-225-0519.